Rock Band Drum Kit Wii: Everything You Need to Know

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Wii Rock Band Drums for sale

Harmonix NWDMS2 Nintendo Wii Rock Band 2 Wireless Drums

The Harmonix NWDMS2 Nintendo Wii Rock Band 2 Wireless Drums set provides an immersive drumming experience for gamers and music enthusiasts alike. This wireless drum kit includes four drum pads and a responsive kick pedal, designed to mimic the feel of a traditional drum set. The wireless feature allows for greater mobility and ease of setup, eliminating the hassle of tangled wires and restricted movement. Each drum pad is calibrated for sensitivity, ensuring that even the lightest tap registers accurately in the game. The NWDMS2 model is compatible with a variety of Rock Band games, making it a versatile choice for players looking to expand their virtual band.

Nintendo Wii Rock Band Bundle, Drums, Console, 1 Guitar, Pedal 1 Dongle

The Nintendo Wii Rock Band Bundle is a comprehensive package that includes everything needed to start a virtual rock band. This bundle features a drum set, a console, one guitar, a foot pedal, and a dongle for connectivity. The inclusion of a guitar and drum set allows for a full-band experience, enabling players to switch between instruments and simulate a real-life band setup. The console and dongle ensure seamless connectivity, providing a lag-free gaming experience. This all-in-one bundle is perfect for those new to the Rock Band series, offering a complete setup that is ready to play right out of the box.

Nintendo Wii The Beatles Rock Band Harmonix Drum Set Model: NWDMS3

The Nintendo Wii The Beatles Rock Band Harmonix Drum Set, Model NWDMS3, is a must-have for fans of the legendary band. This drum set is specifically designed to complement the Beatles Rock Band game, featuring artwork and color schemes inspired by the iconic group. The NWDMS3 model includes four drum pads and a kick pedal, each designed for durability and responsiveness. The game itself allows players to experience the Beatles' music in a new and interactive way, with the drum set providing an authentic drumming experience. This model is not only a functional instrument but also a collector's item for Beatles aficionados.

Harmonix NWDMS2 Wii Rock Band Wireless DRUM SET, Foot Pedal & Sticks

The Harmonix NWDMS2 Wii Rock Band Wireless DRUM SET comes equipped with a foot pedal and drumsticks, offering a complete drumming package. This wireless drum set is designed for ease of use and quick setup, making it ideal for spontaneous jam sessions. Each drum pad is responsive and durable, able to withstand intense drumming sessions. The included foot pedal enhances the overall playability, providing a realistic drumming experience. Drumsticks are also provided, ensuring that players have all the necessary tools to get started. This model is compatible with various Rock Band games, making it a versatile addition to any gamer's collection.

Rock Band Drum Set Prices Wii

Current Market Prices

Rock Band Drum Kit for Wii has seen fluctuating prices in the current market. As of the latest reports, the price range generally spans from $50 to $150, depending on whether the kit is new or used. New kits, often found on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay, command higher prices due to their condition and the inclusion of all original components. Used kits, which may be missing parts or show signs of wear, tend to be less expensive but still functional. Limited edition versions or those bundled with additional instruments or games can push the price higher, reflecting their rarity and added value.

Factors Influencing Prices

Several factors play a role in the pricing of Rock Band Drum Kit for Wii. Condition is a primary determinant; new kits or those in mint condition fetch higher prices compared to those that are used or refurbished. Availability and demand also significantly impact prices. When stock is low or demand surges, prices typically increase. Market trends and seasonal sales, such as holiday promotions, can temporarily affect prices either upwards or downwards. Additionally, the inclusion of accessories or extras, such as additional drumsticks or pedals, can raise the kit's value.

Comparison with Other Platforms

Comparing the Rock Band Drum Kit for Wii with kits for other platforms like Xbox or PlayStation reveals some interesting price dynamics. Generally, Wii drum kits are priced more affordably than their counterparts. This is partly due to the Wii's broader market reach and the higher manufacturing volumes, which tend to lower costs. Xbox and PlayStation drum kits often come with enhanced features or improved build quality, reflected in their higher prices. Another factor is the availability of games compatible with these kits; Xbox and PlayStation offer a wider array of titles, increasing their kits' desirability and market value.

Where to Buy

For those looking to purchase a Rock Band Drum Kit for Wii, several reliable options exist. Online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay provide a wide range of both new and used kits, often with customer reviews to help guide purchasing decisions. Specialty gaming stores, both online and physical, also stock these kits and can offer expert advice. For those on a budget, second-hand stores and local classifieds like Craigslist can be treasure troves for finding deals. Retail chains occasionally stock these kits, particularly during holiday seasons, offering the advantage of immediate purchase without shipping delays.

Rock Band Drum Set (Wii) Details

Technical Specifications

The Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii is designed with precision to enhance the gaming experience. Featuring four durable drum pads and a responsive kick pedal, the kit ensures accurate hit detection and a realistic drumming feel. The drum pads are pressure-sensitive, allowing for nuanced playing, from gentle taps to powerful strikes. Connectivity is streamlined via a wireless receiver, which minimizes lag and maximizes playability. Additionally, the drum kit is powered by standard AA batteries, providing hours of uninterrupted gameplay. The build quality is robust, capable of withstanding intense drumming sessions, making it a reliable choice for both casual and serious gamers.


Gamers will find that the Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii seamlessly integrates with a variety of titles beyond the Rock Band series. Compatible with most rhythm games available on the Wii, it provides versatility and extended usability. The drum kit works flawlessly with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, offering a unified drumming experience. The wireless setup ensures no tangled cords, making it easy to switch between different games. Furthermore, it is compatible with various versions of the Wii console, from the original to the Wii U, ensuring continued use even as gaming systems evolve.

Included Accessories

The Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii comes with all necessary components to get players drumming right out of the box. Included are the four drum pads, a kick pedal, and a pair of drumsticks designed for optimal performance. The wireless receiver is also part of the package, ensuring seamless connectivity to the console. For added convenience, the kit includes adjustable stands, allowing players to set up the drum pads at a comfortable height. These accessories ensure that users have everything they need for an immersive drumming experience, enhancing both the gameplay and the overall enjoyment of the Rock Band series.

User Reviews

User reviews for the Rock Band Drum Kit on the Wii are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting its durability and responsiveness. Players appreciate the realistic feel of the drum pads and the sturdy construction that withstands vigorous play. Many reviews commend the wireless connectivity, noting the absence of lag and the ease of setup. The pressure-sensitive pads are a particular favorite, allowing for varied and expressive drumming. Some users have mentioned minor issues with the kick pedal's sensitivity, but these are generally seen as easy to adjust. Overall, the drum kit receives high marks for its performance and reliability, making it a popular choice among rhythm game enthusiasts.

More Photos: Rock Band Drum Set

High-Resolution Images

Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii comes alive through high-resolution images that reveal every detail of the instrument. These images allow enthusiasts to appreciate the intricate design elements, from the realistic drum pads to the authentic foot pedal. The high-definition visuals capture the texture of the drumsticks and the unique coloring of each pad, providing a clear view of what players can expect. This level of detail not only showcases the quality of the product but also helps potential buyers make informed decisions by giving them a virtual hands-on experience.

Unboxing Photos

The thrill of unboxing the Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii is captured through a series of meticulously shot photos. Each image documents the process, from the moment the box is opened to the final setup of the kit. These photos highlight the careful packaging, ensuring all components are secure and protected. They also provide a visual guide, making it easier for users to assemble the drum kit by illustrating each step. The unboxing photos serve as a practical resource, easing any apprehensions about the assembly process.

In-Use Photos

Photos of the Rock Band Drum Kit in use bring the gaming experience to life. These images feature players fully engaged, showing the drum kit's responsiveness and durability during intense gameplay. They capture moments of concentration and excitement, reflecting the immersive experience that Rock Band offers. The in-use photos also highlight the ergonomic design of the drum kit, illustrating how it supports natural playing postures and enhances performance. These action shots provide a glimpse into the dynamic interaction between the player and the instrument.

Accessory Photos

Accessory photos detail the various components that accompany the Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii. These images showcase items such as replacement drumsticks, additional foot pedals, and drum pad silencers. By providing close-up views of each accessory, the photos help users understand how these items can enhance their gameplay and extend the life of their drum kit. The visual documentation of accessories ensures that players are aware of all available options, allowing them to customize their setup to suit their individual preferences and needs.

Full Price Guide: Rock Band Drum Set (Wii)

New vs Used Pricing

When shopping for a Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii, buyers often face a dilemma: purchase a brand-new set or opt for a used one. The price disparity between new and used kits can be significant. New kits typically range from $100 to $150, offering the assurance of untouched equipment and a manufacturer's warranty. On the other hand, used kits can be found for as low as $30 to $70, depending on the condition and seller. While used kits provide a budget-friendly option, they come with risks like wear and tear or missing components. It's a trade-off between cost savings and the peace of mind that comes with new equipment.

Price Trends Over Time

The price of Rock Band Drum Kits for the Wii has seen notable fluctuations since their initial release. At launch, these kits were sold at a premium, often exceeding $200 due to high demand and limited availability. As the popularity of rhythm games waned, prices began to drop. Over the past decade, the market has stabilized, with prices now reflecting the item's age and wear. Recently, there's been a slight uptick in prices due to the resurgence of interest in retro gaming and the nostalgia factor. Collectors and new players alike are driving this renewed demand, causing a mild price increase.

Regional Price Differences

Geographical location plays a significant role in the pricing of Rock Band Drum Kits for the Wii. In metropolitan areas, where the market is saturated with gamers and retailers, prices tend to be more competitive. This results in lower prices and more frequent sales. Conversely, in rural areas or regions with a limited gaming community, prices can be higher due to scarcity. Online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon offer a broader range of prices, but shipping costs can vary greatly depending on the buyer's location. Regional price variations highlight the importance of considering local market dynamics when purchasing.

Best Deals Available

Scoring the best deal on a Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii requires a mix of patience and savvy shopping. eBay and Craigslist are treasure troves for used kits, often at unbeatable prices. Gamestop and other gaming retailers occasionally offer discounted new kits, particularly during holiday sales. Online forums and community groups dedicated to gaming can also be valuable resources for finding deals. For those willing to wait, seasonal sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday often present the opportunity to snag a new kit at a fraction of its normal price. Keeping an eye on multiple platforms ensures that the best deal doesn't slip through the cracks.

Rock Band Drum Kit for Wii

Overview of Drum Kit

The Rock Band drum kit for the Wii is a quintessential piece of gaming equipment for any music enthusiast. Designed with four drum pads and a kick pedal, this setup mimics a real drum set, providing an immersive drumming experience. The pads are color-coded to match the on-screen cues, making it intuitive even for beginners. Constructed with durable materials, the drum kit withstands vigorous play sessions. Connectivity is seamless, utilizing a USB dongle for wireless operation, ensuring players can move freely. Its versatility allows it to be used with various Rock Band titles, enhancing its value in any gaming collection.

Setup Instructions

Setting up the Rock Band drum kit for the Wii requires following a few straightforward steps. Start by assembling the drum stand, ensuring all parts click into place securely. Attach the drum pads to the stand, aligning them according to the color-coded instructions. Connect the kick pedal to the designated port on the drum set. Insert batteries into the drum kit and the USB dongle. Plug the dongle into the Wii console’s USB port. Sync the drum kit with the console by pressing the sync button on the dongle and the drum kit simultaneously. Launch the game, calibrate if necessary, and you’re ready to rock.

Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance of the Rock Band drum kit ensures longevity and optimal performance. Keep the drum pads clean by wiping them with a damp cloth to remove dust and grime. Check the kick pedal for wear and tear; replace it if it starts to malfunction. Store the drum kit in a cool, dry place to prevent damage from moisture. Ensure all connections are secure and free from debris. Periodically check the batteries and replace them to avoid power issues. Proper care not only extends the life of the drum kit but also enhances the gaming experience by maintaining responsiveness.

Common Issues and Fixes

Users often encounter specific issues with the Rock Band drum kit, but most are easily fixable. Unresponsive drum pads can often be remedied by recalibrating the drum set through the game settings. If the kick pedal stops working, inspect the connection cable for any visible damage and consider replacing it if necessary. Connectivity issues between the drum kit and the console can usually be resolved by re-syncing the devices. In cases of persistent problems, updating the game software may address compatibility issues. Regular troubleshooting ensures smooth gameplay and prevents minor glitches from escalating.

Standalone Electronic Drumkit From Wii Band Hero Kit


Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii has revolutionized in-home music gaming, offering players an immersive drumming experience that mimics playing in a real rock band. Utilizing a combination of realistic drum pads and a foot pedal, the kit allows gamers to channel their inner drummer. The tactile feedback and responsive sensors make each session feel authentic, transforming virtual performances into thrilling rock concerts. For both casual gamers and serious music enthusiasts, this kit is a gateway to musical creativity and coordination.

Step-by-Step Assembly

Assembling the Rock Band Drum Kit for Wii is a straightforward process that can be completed with minimal hassle. Begin by unboxing all components, laying them out for easy access. Attach the drum pads to the main frame, ensuring each pad clicks securely into place. Connect the foot pedal to the base, aligning it with the designated slot. Finally, plug in the USB cable to the Wii console and power on the system. The assembly is designed to be intuitive, allowing players to focus more on their drumming skills and less on setup complications.

Required Tools and Materials

Setting up the Rock Band Drum Kit doesn't require an extensive toolkit. A basic Phillips head screwdriver is sufficient for tightening any loose screws. Additionally, having a pair of scissors handy can help with removing any packaging ties that secure the components. The kit itself includes all necessary parts, such as drum pads, foot pedal, and connecting cables. Clarity in the instruction manual ensures that assembling the kit is a hassle-free experience, even for those new to music gaming peripherals.

Customization Options

Personalizing the Rock Band Drum Kit can enhance the gaming experience significantly. Players can adjust the height and angle of the drum pads to suit their playing style and comfort. Adding custom drumsticks or pad covers can also improve performance and aesthetics. For those seeking to elevate their setup, aftermarket modifications such as reinforced foot pedals or noise-dampening pads are available. These customization options enable players to tailor their drumming experience, making each session uniquely their own.

Rock Band 2 Wireless Drum Set Prices Wii

Current Prices

The Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii is currently seeing a range of prices in the market. As of the latest data, new units can be found for approximately $100 to $150, depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions. Pre-owned drum kits offer a more budget-friendly option, typically priced between $40 and $80. Online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon provide a variety of listings, with prices fluctuating based on the condition and completeness of the set. Retailers occasionally offer bundled deals that include the drum kit alongside other Rock Band instruments or game versions, presenting a higher initial cost but greater overall value.

Price Comparison with Rock Band 1

When comparing the prices of the Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii with those of the original Rock Band 1 drum kit, a noticeable trend emerges. The initial release of Rock Band 1 saw drum kits priced around $100, similar to the current prices of the Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii. However, as the Rock Band series has evolved, improvements in build quality and additional features have justified the steady pricing. The transition from the Rock Band 1 drum kit to the Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii also reflects advancements in technology and user experience, maintaining consumer interest and market demand.


Finding the Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii has become increasingly challenging in recent years. While major retailers like Best Buy and GameStop may stock limited quantities, the bulk of availability lies within online marketplaces. Sellers on platforms such as eBay and Amazon often have both new and used options, although stock levels can vary widely. Specialty gaming stores or second-hand shops might occasionally have these drum kits in inventory, but prospective buyers should be prepared for a potentially extensive search. Limited production runs and the discontinuation of the Wii console have contributed to the scarcity, making it a sought-after item for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Resale Value

The resale value of the Rock Band Drum Kit for the Wii has remained relatively steady over the years. Pre-owned kits in good condition often fetch between $40 and $80, depending on the presence of original packaging and overall wear. Well-maintained sets, especially those with minimal signs of use, can command higher prices. Collectors and dedicated Rock Band fans are willing to pay a premium for complete kits that include all original components. As the availability of these drum kits decreases, their resale value is expected to either stabilize or increase, making them a potentially worthwhile investment for those looking to sell in the future.